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Jockstrap Contrast - Black

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Jockstrap Contrast - Black
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A slim, sleek jock for the gym or everyday, featuring a comfortable open knit mesh pouch. Designed in a monochromatic colour scheme, this jock is designed to cause wanted attention to your ass. 


The label attached to the front of the waistband states; Control, Trust & Pleasure. A reference to three important terms that come with exploring your kinky side and playing around with the concepts of being in control or handing it over to your partner.


Also available in white.



85% Nylon

15% Spandex

35mm Elastic waistband

25mm Elastic leg strap



Small: 27"/30"

Medium: 30"/ 32"

Large: 32"/34" 


Due to the intimate nature, underwear is exempt from our return policy