Our Inspiration

From classic leather to rubber or the more recent genre of puppy play, we are inspired by all ways people express their sexuality. All designs represent a balance between the provocative and the beautiful, creating an exciting world for the open minded. Enabling kinksters to communicate their fetish and desires in an aesthetically pleasing and fashionable way.

Our Story 

In 2017 Master of the House was conceived in Amsterdam by two creative minds, exploring the meaning of masculinity, sexuality and queer-culture.The first collection of limited edition pins was picked up by key retailers in the leather & fetish world. Within a year the wearable art of Master of the House was available in over 15 stores world wide.

Our collection

The world of Master of the House is always expanding and evolving. Regulary introducing new designs and products on like Tie Clips, Jewellery, Clothing and more. 


We have met and worked with talented and creative individuals that enhance and co-create the world of Master of the House. Including photographers & models from all over the world.